Dynamo Scripts for Structure

Dynamo Scripts for Structure

> Hello Structural Team ! <

My name is Bart and Welcome to my Site I will share with you my passions about my Dynamo Scripts for Structure!

If you are Structural Engineer, Revit Technician or BIM Manager this is definitely something for you.

Rebar Pad Revit Transparent

Having vast amount of experience in Structural Engineering field which already is exceeding 20 years. I have decided to collate some of my BIM & Structural knowledge and STR Revit Dynamo advance stuff. These are being used in everyday day work within professional environment i.e. Structural Consultancy.

What Will I be Sharing with you?

Firstly, I will share with you my low code and code less programming solutions, tips and general process used in creation of Dynamo Scripts. Secondly, ready made formulas utilised in my everyday workflow when undertaking Structural Design. Thirdly, and most importantly, formulas used in Detailing, Substructure & Superstructure modelling using BIM Level 2 and 3 in all of my recent undertaken projects.

Rebar Dynamo Script
Rebar Dynamo Script Example

These powerful Parametric Scripts, Revit Files and Revit Schedules will allow you to save vast and considerable amount of Time and Money during delivery of your projects. Whether you are single Sole Trade Engineer or are part of Larger Structural Team & Structural Consultancy. I will share my Dynamo knowledge which saved me loads of valuable Time and Costs for my Clients.

Using these Dynamo Scripts for Structure you will gain lots of repetitions for all of your projects produced in Revit. Repetition can be thought as the simple act of coping an element multiple times by running script. In parametric systems, repetition can become more interesting, because a repeated elements can maintain the basic topology of its predecessor without having to be exactly identical to it. In conclusion, using a rule-based system, one can vary the repeated element according to many numbers of parameters. Parameters like (e.g. distance, time, location, orientation, coordinates value etc.).

What is in the offer?

A great amazing package and scripts to come, please see below link for more details:

RC Details Ground Beams – Dynamo Scripts for Structure – Follow this Link

Dynamo Scripts Currently Available – For more Details – Click Here

I have made an article for you:

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Key element in Parametric design i.e.:

All about Algorithmic Thinking

And lastly summary of my extensive experience in following reference:

Link to my work portfolio

Dynamo Scripts for Structure

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